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These structures, unlike gazebos, are roofed structures that have completely open sides with no built-in floor. Pavilions are usually built using a series of pillars or posts. Usually, 4 to 6 will do the trick. These pillars or posts are most commonly attached to the deck, patio, and concrete foundations. Whilst gazebos are usually oval-shaped, pavilions are designed to be longish and rectangular. These are not self-contained structures and are most commonly used to provide a roofing solution for your patio or seating area. So to find out more about our wide-range of pavilion solutions, have a look through our website and call us today.

What's The Purpose?

While these structures share many similarities with gazebos and pergolas, and can often be confused with them, pavilions offer a range of niche differences. For example, pavilion roofs are solid while pergolas roofing comes with open slats. The biggest advantage of pavilions is that they offer the same solutions as a pergola or gazebo, without being as intrusive. They are the perfect option for those clients who want to keep a clear line of sight across their property, while still enjoying a nice cool place to sit. So let us help you turn that beautiful outdoor space into something spectacular.

Its Where People Meet

These beautiful structures are usually a hub of activity. A pavilion is usually the center of the party at any home event. From relaxing in the shade on those hot sunny days to waiting out those rainy days. From outdoor dinner parties to hosting little Johnnies 6th birthday party. These structures are clearly the place to be. These solutions are not just perfect for residential solutions, they are also perfect for parks, community centers, and everything in between. So to see what we are going on about, have a look through some of our archived material and we will get the measuring tape ready so long.


It’s time to take your backyard to the next level. Time to take your garden to the next level. Our wide range of pavilion choices and solutions will have you mixing and matching to your heart’s desire. Making sure we match the aesthetic appeal of your home. From vinyl and wood paint colors, wood staining, and everything in between. From that rugged Alpine look and feel to the smooth clean-cut lines of the Hamptons, anything is possible when our experts are on the job. We even have an online, build it yourself feature so you get exactly what you want.


While the cost of your pavilion will differ depending on the design, size, materials used, and a range of other factors, they are well worth the effort. While they can be a little more expensive than your pergolas or gazebos, the fact that they can be customized specifically to your requests simply puts them over the top. The fact is these beautiful structures will pay for themselves the longer you have them and maintain them. So give us a call today, and let’s start the process of building your dream pavilion. Our experts are ready and waiting to answer all your questions.


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