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Patio covers come in a range of styles and colors. They can be constructed more various materials to ensure you find the perfect solution for you. At Mckinney Deck Builders our patio covers are designed and manufactured from timber, aluminum, or galvanized steel. Patio covers are essentially used to extend the entertainment or living areas of your home. They are also primarily used to ensure you get some protection from the sun and rain. So if this sounds like the piece that has been missing from completing your puzzle give us a call today and let’s get that patio covered.


One of the biggest yet least appreciated advantages of patio covers is that they simply do an amazing job at keeping the space they are covering nice and cool. These fantastic solutions also make your outdoor patio more attractive and welcoming. Depending on how much sun your patio may get, they are the perfect solution to mitigate UV damage on your surfaces while still managing to spruce up the overall facade of your home. To find out more about the advantages of these roofing wonders, give us a call today.

The Top 3

With our many years of experience, we have managed to collect tons of data about what our client’s favorite patio cover material choices are. At number one we have wood. Loved for its beauty and strength, but does need regular upkeep to keep it in tip-top shape. In second place we have Vinyl. Our clients enjoy its minimal maintenance requirements and slick lines. It can however look bland and cheap. In third place we have aluminum. This material is loved as it combines low maintenance, is durable, and relatively inexpensive. The downside is that aluminum tends to conduct heat a little too well.


This aspect will depend on a multitude of factors. Simply too many to mention in one paragraph. However, we will give you a sneak peek. Due to the range of materials that can be used in the construction of your patio covers, and the fact that you can mix and match to your heart’s desire meant the only limit will be your checkbook. At Mckinney Deck Builders we have developed a range of patio solutions that can fit any pocket. This ensures none of our clients are ever left out in the cold. So give us a call today for an obligation free quote and let us get that patio covered.

Are They Worth It?

For anyone who wants to truly protect and preserve their patio, it is essential to get a patio cover. These will just help extend the life of your deck or patio. While they can be expensive depending on the design and material you choose, they will pay for themselves over and over again when one considers all the advantages that they offer. They require minimal maintenance and will last a lifetime. So have a look at some of our options and give us a call to find out more. We promise you will not be disappointed.


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